• Thermo-hardened polyester painted galvanized tubed hexagonal structures of 50x50 mm thickness.
• HDPE panels of 19 mm thickness made with more than 60% recycled plastic, maintenance-free and anti-graffiti
• HDPE or stainless steel slides.
• Platforms and ramps made of 21 mm thick non-slip rubber coated polyethylene.
• Flexible rubber suspension bridge of 12 mm thickness, reinforced with high-resistance industrial textiles.
• Polycarbonate windows especially designed for outdoors.
• Polyamide ropes of Ø16 mm reinforced with 6-strand steel core.
• Polyamide protective caps.
• Stainless steel screws and bolts.
• Fixations: zinc-coated / hot-dip galvanized steel.

• Rubber seat with steel core, safety cradle seat for babies and stainless steel chains.

• 21 mm non-slip rubber coated seat.
• Spring with anti-pinch design and plastic coating.
• Certified under EN1176.

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