Special works

Throughout its history, the company has undertaken highly specialised jobs

Custom works Historic trams. Sculptures

Our more than 100 years of existence, many of which involved in making carts, trailers and vehicle bodies, together with our facilities and personnel for wood and metal manufacturing, enable us to realise a wide range of constructions and custom work in wood, metal and plastic.

Completion of entire arena and other carpentry in Vistaalegre bullring (Madrid)

Bird observatory in La Albufera, Valencia

Custom-made bridges and walkways

Custom-made bridges and walkways

Custom-made bridges and walkways

Recycled polyethylene stands for the stage at the Ciudad del Agua - Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza)

Wooden walkway in the City of Water-Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza)

Spiral tower - bird observatory in the Laguna Dos Reinos in Figarol (Navarra)

Carpentry in the restoration of the Altarpiece at the Iglesia del Salvador church

Restoration of cannons for the city of Zaragoza

In collaboration with various artists, we make sculptures from Corten steel and other materials.