21.03.2016 - For the CSR Project (Capture, Sterilize and Release) of the City of Zaragoza

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In 2012, The Animal Protection Office of the City of Zaragoza launched the CSR Project (Capture, Sterilize and Release), a program to control cat colonies in urban areas. The CSR program works thanks to the volunteers attached to the project and has the support of the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza.


The colonies that form part of the CES program are marked with a signpost. Additionally, information boards are located around the colony, giving precise details on how the space is managed (it is prohibited to feed cats unless authorized, you must not litter and the animals must be treated with respect).


cat feeding point


These areas will be soon be equipped with feeders, which will result in better management of the feeding points and the cleaning of the area.


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