15.06.2016 - Senior Playgrounds. Healthy active aging

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According to the World Health Organization, active aging is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age, allowing people to realize their potential for physical and social well-being.


The percentage of elderly people in the population is growing faster than any other segment, all around the world, as a result of increased life expectancy and declining birth rates.


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Active aging allows people to improve their quality of life, encouraging their opportunities to live a healthy, participatory and safe life. It is therefore essential to develop healthy lifestyles, including the vitally important element of exercise, adapted to the needs of the elderly.


Senior Playgrounds are an ideal proposal to promote active aging. Also known as Outdoor Fitness Parks, or Outdoor Gyms, they are installed in public or private parks and allow people to exercise outdoors in the company of family and friends.


Safety is paramount in Senior Playgrounds. A new European Standard, EN-16630, for this type of equipment was passed in 2015. Public bodies and private companies that acquire this equipment need to demand products certified under EN-16630 to ensure the safety of users.


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The elements that make up the Senior Playgrounds must be specifically designed for this age group, taking into account their abilities and physical needs. Machines that are too demanding should be avoided as they can cause injuries. Other features that should be avoided are jumps and sudden movements, or excessive range of joint motion. It is very important to perform exercises gradually and progressively, without causing pain.


The Senior Playgrounds designed and manufactured by Industrias Agapito, propose some effective, simple and easy-to-use devices. They are designed to maintain and improve the joint range of most joints in the body, leg strength, balance and gait. Using them frequently, and maintaining use over time, will allow the person to be fit, without a great deal of effort, in a very pleasant environment, as they are designed for installation outdoors, in parks and gardens in our towns and cities.


Benches with pedals, Böhler balance boards, Freeman boards, arm bikes, shoulder wheels, wall bars, arm wheels, are some of the proposals, without forgetting the Adapted Senior Playparks, so people with disabilities can exercise easily and safely.


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Industrias Agapito design and manufacture other Outdoor Sports Circuits, such as the Street Gym for adults, the The N-forma Circuits for Beaches or the Multisport Grounds.


Types of Outdoor Sports Circuits:

·         Senior Playground

·         Outdoor Gym

·         Nforma Circuit

·         Multisport Courses

·         Vita Circuit

·         Agility


Keeping active as you grew older is essential to tackle the challenge of aging.

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