INCLUSIVE PLAYGROUND in Fuenlabrada (Madrid)


01.09.2017 - New inclusive playground in Madrid

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A new inclusive playground has been installed in Fuenlabrada (Madrid) composed by the inclusive playset structure "Fire Station", a large play structure that includes an adapted ramp through which is accessed the “Fire Truck”ad to other play integration elements: tic-tac-toe, sandbox, tubophone and carillon. This Playground for children with different abilities also includes a slide, a climbing wall and a climbing net.


inclusive playground


Inclusive playgrounds allow children with functional disabilities to be safely integrated into children's areas, facilitating and promoting relationship between children.


inclusive playground


If you are interested, you can consult Agapito Industries’s inclusive play areas and adapted swings by clicking here. Inclusive spring riders, swings with seats for disabled children, inclusive carousels, early stimulation play elements and wheelchair swing platform complete our range.

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