MULTISPORT COURSE in Oyarzun (Basque Country)


13.07.2017 - New multisport course in Basque Country

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40x20m Multisport course in Oyarzun (Basque Country), consisting of a robust hot-dip galvanized steel structure and 20 mm high density polyethylene panels.


multisport course


Agapito Industries Outdoor Multisports courses are the ideal solution for combining different sports in a small space. They include football and basketball and can eventually be equipped for tennis, volleyball and hockey, as well as coated with artificial grass.


You can also choose different sports front walls:

- With football and basket goals.

- Streetball Game wall.

- Streetball Futsal.


Agapito Industries also manufactures other types of sports equipment such as basketball hoop, football and handball goals, goals for beach soccer , volleyball poles and ping-pong tables.

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