13.09.2018 - Calisthenics manufacturer Industrias Agapito has installed a new workout park in the municipality of Sueca

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With this parkour-park installation, the Sueca City Hall has invested into a new public space for young people where they can practice workout routines and parkour exercises.


Parque Street Workout Calistenia en Valencia

The entire turn-key project, from initial layout to final installation, has been managed by the calisthenics equipment manufacturer Industrias Agapito and it is composed by street-workout equipment made in Spain. It has been as well certified according with UNE-EN 16630:2015 standars, related to fixed outdoors workout equipment.


Parque Street Workout Calistenia en Valencia

This outdoors exercise space has parallel sloping bars R7430A, triple parallel bars R7422A and a customized workout station, which is equipped with a Swedish wall, an overhead ladder and several street workout bars which are leveled at different heights in order to perform different routines.


Parque Street Workout Calistenia en Valencia

All equipment contains pictograms with individualized exercises and a sign R7400A with general service instructions, emergency and breakdown phone numbers as well as an aluminum plate with a QR code, for our Smartphone to display series of explicative videos with different calisthenics routines and exercises to execute.


Parque Street Workout Calistenia en Valencia

In compliance with the European standard UNE-EN 1177:2009, playground impact-absorbing floors, the area has been covered with 45 mm thick rubber tiles R4400VM which are adequate for the different fall heights of the equipment.


Parque Street Workout Calistenia en Valencia

This type of public calisthenics parks  motivates young people to exercise outdoors and consequently, to have a healthier lifestyle.
There is no doubt that, along with bio-healthy parks, public administrations  are hitting the mark when betting and investing on outdoor workout spaces for adults and young people.

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