23.06.2017 - Why practicing Calisthenics

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The installation of this Calisthenics park in Logroño will have a positive impact on the quality of life of all residents who have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle based, among other things, on regular physical activity.


This Street Workout equipments are guaranteed to comply with European Standard EN16630 and are manufactured with anti-vandalism, strong, robust, durable and safe materials.


calisthenics park


calisthenics park


calisthenics park


calisthenics park


Calisthenics is a discipline focused on body weight training exercices, without dumbbells or machines. It is also called “street workout” as it’s usually practicedoutdoor.


If this discipline enjoys massive popularity today it is in part thanks to the following advantages:


- Easy to practice, it’s somenthing anyone can do, and it avoids having to pay a subscription to a gym thanks the public facilities

- Allows very varied and dynamic exercises that develop big muscle groups, mainly the upper limbs, thus obtaining a balanced body.

- Strengthens joints preventing injury.

- Excellent for fat burning while you develop your muscles

- Improves agility, flexibility, physical strength, equilibrium and concentration.


Click here to see the range of calisthenic apparatus available.

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