The Spooky Illusions monster-themed children's playset features up to seven large-format monsters filled with interactive games to develop fine motor skills, learn about optical illusions, geometry, perception of reality, dimensions, languages and perspective. By climbing original themed climbing walls or the innovative bar with floating steps, children can reach the inside of these Monsters and then slide down the fireman's pole or the HDPE or stainless-steel slides.


• Thermo-hardened polyester painted galvanized tubbed hexagonal structures of 50x50mm thick
• HDPE panels of 19mm thick, maintenance-free and anti-graffiti
• High density polyethylene straight open slide or Stainless steel slides.
• Platforms, ramps and bridges made of 21mm thick non-slip rubber coated polyethylene
• Polycarbonate skylights specially designed for outdoors
• Polyamide ropes of Ø16mm reinforced with 6 steel cored strips
• Polyethylene protecting caps
• Stainless steel screws and bolts
• Fixations: zinc-coated / hot-dip galvanized steel

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Free fall height: 1,5 meters User age: 3 - 12 Number of users: 25
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