The Spooky Sticky themed slide is made with a stainless steel ramp and high-density polyethylene in accordance with European standard EN 1176.

Sliding down the Spooky Sticky Slide for children, apart from being fun, is safe and secure due to its sturdy construction with painted galvanized steel, stainless steel, and high-density polyethylene. It is suitable to be installed outdoors in playgrounds and places accessible to the public. No child will be left indifferent after playing with this monster-themed slide.


• HDPE structure of 19 mm thickness made with more than 60% recycled plastic, maintenance-free and anti-graffiti.
• Stainless steel slide ramp.
• Certified under EN1176.

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Free fall height: 1,28 meters User age: 3-14 Number of users: 3
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