"To make the streets a comfortable place to be, a place to feel at home in..."
Led by a group of architects and designers, Industrias Agapito has developed this innovative line of street furniture.
The DOMO Series is designed as a modular, flexible system, which facilitates the design of public spaces by allowing various combinations of components, materials and colours, to best suit each project. We have designed 10 different pieces, which are manufactured in 3 different materials: Wood (W), polyethylene (P) and recycled plastic (R). The latter two materials are also available in a wide range of colours.
The flexibility of the system enables it to adapt to the different areas of the city and its landscape, enabling diversity within the unity of a coherent design.
"Every place is different: the requirements are different, the designs are different. DOMO is an innovative system that permits a variety of combinations of elements and layouts for each project."


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