Children's and Senior Playgrounds in Orkoyen


20.07.2012 - Children's and Senior Playgrounds in Orkoyen

Filed: Playground equipment , Outdoor sport circuits
Área infantil en Orkoyen - Navarra

A mixed playground, with a children's area and an exercise zone for seniors, has been installed in Orkoyen. The playground consists of TRIBOX games, with a DANGLING TRIBOX multiplay unit as its centrepiece. The playground is completed with a nest swing and sunflower balancing game, both suitable for children with disabilities, a triple-surf balancing game, a shop play-house and a double-lobe spring rider. The entire playground has been covered with EPDM rubber in situ according to standard EN-1177.

The seniors' playground consists of a double bench with pedals, arm swivel exercises, waist swivel, panel with shoulder wheel, and panel with wrist swivel exercises, and fist exercises. The areas have been finished off with information boards and a bicycle-parking facility.

This comprehensive recreational area offers entertainment for people of all ages.